Sunday, July 13, 2008

sup3r baD mooD

Rea||y have a very baD mood todayZ.... dun ask me why bad mooD... dunno how to say ~
Do i too useless? I am a simply guy who think of future is that wrong or stupid? can anyone gave me the answer?

Dunno how to imagine my mood now! gave me sometime to cool down... i think just 3 word.. damm no mooD.....

Friday, July 11, 2008

Busy Month~

Recently busy for my Work and freelance.... but not as busy as junE cause 3 new project coming in one shot~ finally got sometime to update my bloG... too bad v.v

Last saturday when to klcc with derek~ carnival sales is started.. so just hang around with derek... isetan also having member sales..up to 60% for member... ngam ngam derek got isetan member card... so shopping at isetan but never get anything from isetan... plan to get a shirt at there for my best friend wedding but cant get... i think me too choosy gua.. lolz

sunday went to sg wang & pavillion with dennis... dennis is having another trip after his bali trip.. go china on 10/7 with his friend... so nice... so he plan to go for money changer also.... we also go shop shop at pavillion... m3 plan not to get anything on sunday but at last buy jor a polo T at bossini... lolz... cant tahan mah.. :s aft3r that go for our tea time at sg wang...

yesterday just booked my trip to langkawi for 3days 2 night with some friends.... wow.. so happy and cant wait to go to langkawi beachside.... me also need prepare myself for the trip... mean built up my body shape... lolz... anyway my trip is on sept... another 2 month to go... countdown'ing...

~ end ~